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Crane and High Rail Services

We specialize in emergency railway, industrial,

pier and dockside services.

Since 1977 Joe Manzi & Sons has been providing services to the construction, rail, and maritime lifting and loading industry. In 1995 Joe Manzi & Sons began assisting Class 1 railroads with derailment clean up, serving the area's 150 mile radius of Philadelphia.

Our highest priority is to our customers. We specialize in competent and responsible service.

The customer will always be able to get in touch with us at all times of the day.

No matter where we are or what we are doing we will be there for our customers. We will arrive at the site with haste and accomplish the task to meet the preferences of the customer at all times.

We take pride in who we are and how we operate. We care for our employees and treat them as family. With this in mind we are able to act as a cohesive and professional unit.

Our services

Emergency Derailment


For over 45 years we have been assisting railway companies with management of engine and freight car derailments. Our quick response team has perfected emergency service tactics for resolving the most difficult circumstances imaginable. Our high level of customer satisfaction has been achieved through proving quick solutions.

We utilize our skilled manpower and heavy lifting equipment to provide customized lifting services for industrial and hospital cyrogenic installations with little or minimal interruptions to normal business operations.

Industrial Services

We offer extensive pier and dockside services to the maritime industry. We offer specialized services that meet the needs of marine maintenance companies, providing specific task which are outside the realm of their own capabilities or expertise.

Pier and Dockside



Joe Manzi & Sons, Inc. has serviced numerous train derailments for Conrail over the past years and has done so on time and on budget. We have found Joe Manzi & Son, Inc. work to be very good. Accordingly, Conrail recommends Joe Manzi & Sons for train derailment services without reservation.

-T.J. Collins, Conrail

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